Advanced Rhythm Builder Tiles

Advanced Rhythm Builder Tiles

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We now offer an Advanced Rhythm Builder Tiles bundle to challenge and engage your students with more difficult rhythms. This bundle contains 12 tiles including: triplets, 16th notes, dotted-quarter notes, and single eighth notes. 

NOTE: This is for the tiles only. No Rhythm Builder Boards included.


With Rhythm Builders, your students become composers themselves! You can reinforce their understanding of note values and rhythms in an engaging hands-on activity.


Our Rhythm Builders come with a variety of note-value tiles. Because of this, you can select which tiles to use with your students based on their current learning level.


These cuties are made to last! So you don’t have to worry about the wear-and-tear they will go through in your fun classroom/studio. They can take it! 

Product Details- Tiles are made with top-grade Baltic Birch wood and have a double clear coating for easy cleaning.