Women in Our Music Classrooms

Women in Our Music Classrooms

Hello to my favorite teachers!! Today, I wanted to talk about an important topic that often goes overlooked in our music education curriculum. What is it, you ask?? -Featuring Women Composers-

As we all know, music is an incredibly diverse and rich art form, but it's also no secret that it has been dominated by white, male composers for centuries. Many of our students don't even know there are countless talented women composers throughout history whose music deserves to be respected, celebrated and taught in our classrooms!

So why is it important to feature women composers in our teaching? Well, for starters, it provides a more accurate and complete picture of music history. Women have been composing music for centuries, and their contributions have often been ignored or overshadowed by their male counterparts. By including women composers in our curriculum, we are recognizing and honoring their important place in music history.

Additionally, featuring women composers can help to inspire and empower our female students. When young girls see that there are successful and talented women composers out there, it can encourage them to pursue their own passions and aspirations. It also helps to promote a more inclusive and diverse music community.

Aside from these important reasons, featuring women composers can also just be a lot of fun! There are so many incredible pieces of music out there by women composers that are just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. From Clara Schumann's passionate piano works to Florence Price's sweeping orchestral compositions, there is no shortage of amazing music to explore.

So, what do you say, friends? Let's make a conscious effort to feature women composers in our teaching. Let's celebrate their talent, honor their place in music history, and inspire our students with their incredible music. And guess what?? We have some fun resources to make this even more fun! Check them out below! :)

I would love to hear some of the ways you incorporate women composers into your music classroom/studio! Comment below!

Women Composer Coloring Sheets

Women Composer Posters

Women Composer Button Pins

Women Composer Sticker Sheets

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